Caede-L’ELISIR Kyoto

[Red Maple Leaf - L’Elisir Kyoto]

Caede-L'ELISIR [Red Maple Leaf – L’Elisir Kyoto] The Italian handbag design master Mr.Gabriele, Mixing ‘the historical beauty of the old capital Kyoto’ with ‘the natural beauty of red maple’, sublimated the design inspiration. Let us bring you walking into the beautiful and charming world of [Caede-L'ELISIR].

Maestro (Master)

Mr. Gabriele, the “Italian Handbag design’s Master”


Inspirited during the travel in Kyoto, the competition between those Red Maple but everything in order

Inherited beauty

From Italy seaside Alba Adricatica to Kyoto Tominokoji Dori, inherited of the traditional and beauty

Collection - fine art piece

The product collections of [Red Maple Leaf - L’Elisir]


Media and New

Flag-ship STORE

From the thousand year old capital Heiankyo, to the new Flagshop store in Tominokoji Dori

About us

Our office and workshop in Italy


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caede|L’ELISIR bag collection

Collection - fine art piece


Kyoto Tominokoji

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